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Damian Sienkiewicz

Can you believe the average life expectancy in the world for someone born in the year 1900 was only 31 years! With numerous improvements in technology, nutrition, medicine, etc., today’s average life expectancy around the world has risen to 71.5 years for a child born in 2015 (78.8 years for a US born child). The rise in life expectancy has evolved a new concept: retirement.

Damian Sienkiewicz has been evolving his career for the past 20 years as well. Financial Evolution is the next step in helping people retire. As a 401k wholesaler for the last decade, Damian has helped over 1000 businesses to evolve their retirement plans. By setting up a solid financial plan, you too can evolve your retirement. Let’s get started!


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For over 20 years now, Damian Sienkiewicz, CFS, has been helping people retire.  What’s your excuse?  The best day to get started was yesterday.  Second best is today.